(review n pix by neil crud)
David is our leader, he’s our new messiah…

With the selling end of the Music Industry in blind panic now they realise music can be as free as the air we breathe, Record Shop Day spread across the country in aid of the Independent Record Store. In this case it’s in Bangor and it’s Cob Records, a place where you can still pop in, moider the counter staff, in this case Alan Holmes and expect to find Whales‘ debut CD ‘Open Ice Hits’ on the shelf next to Inferno‘s entire back catalogue and Duncan Black‘s tales of being a guitar mercenary.
I guarantee you probably won’t find a copy of it in HMV, and most definitely will never ever find it in the sterile world of Tesco or Asda. In fact, whose business are those fuckers gonna close down next? There’ll be tanning salons, tattoo studios and nail boutiques in Morrissons next. Drive into Asda and get your car MOT’d while you shop, see your doctor after you’ve chosen your tea at Tesco. Wankers.
Whales is the messianic David McCann – a troubled creature who vents all his worldly problems through the medium of a souped up heavily distorted bass guitar and aided by a 3000bpm beat box.
Those who went before him instore today were the USA bound Y Niwl, the Lleyn Peninsula boot boys Cowbois Rhos Bottwnog and the lo-fi grungsters Heldinky (all of whom I managed to miss!).
If you like it loud, abrasive, brash and uncompromising come and see Whales – if you don’t, still come and see Whales and you will love him as much as I do…
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