You know your weekend’s going well (downhill) when you wake up in a damp patch of your creation on someone else’s sofa and exit ninja style cos you’ve got a date with a chicken. But what the day of little rest needs to top it off is a “Sunday Meat Carvery” as this collection of predominately punk bands over in Chester was entitled. After refreshing and grooming myself (no, not in that way) I let the train take the strain over there, met up with other travellers from near and wide.
Bruised, Broken, Rebuilt (BBR) were first up, their first gig for these guys from along the coast although their recordings and demo have been spread around generously for a while. They certainly started super heavy, with a real metal aspect to their hardcore, and good to see that Ste Brute has seen the light and taken up the bass now. ;) There was also a bit of howling rawness of the likes of Amen or Bastions and while they didn’t quite sustain this level of impact for the whole of their formative set it definitely showed promise.

The rubbish/expensive beer supplies in the Hangman FORCED us across the road to the Cellar Bar and the craic to be had, while other reporters related that the next very recently formed band, Salem Rages, featuring Danny formerly with Scouse crossover mentalists SSS and some newly learning fellow members. Differences of opinions on how they came across, either in appreciation of their Danzig-y style, or disparaged as being too early in their existence for their own good. Not often you see a ships bell instead of a cowbell on a drum kit though.

Horrorstruck were also skipped, meaning no disrespect as they’d been enjoyable the last time we’d been here but while tramps can’t be choosers in terms of venue the upstairs room here is not the best in terms of visibility and the effort couldn’t be sustained. I was also disappointed nay gutted to learn the mental grind of Magpyes was also not putting in their advertised appearance tonight either

Had enough resolve to get back for Chester residents Face of Christ who are more enjoyable each time they are seen. Proper raging heaviness, really tightening up their delivery, good to see Tinman back in action with both hands again, but the real winner is the enjoyable natural mayhem from Leon up front. Brings a proper smile with the crazy banter and ends up in a heap at the end. Good job, look forward to their show with H2O in Wrexham next month

A relatively sensible not-the-last train finish for me means I only get a taste of final band Falls, and can hear a fair bit of rocky melody in their hardcore, but I’ve had my fill of the raw meat so head off.