Picked up the new CD by Birmingham’s Scarred Society released by Colwyn Bay’s Righteous Anger Records – Thirteen tracks of angry quality for £3 inc postage!! That’s THREE QUID…!! Even if it was shit you’d forgive them for trying, but the fact of the matter is, it isn’t. It is pure quality punk rock – well written, well recorded and well presented. Being the owner of hundreds of punk demos and DIY releases from my teenage years I still get stuck in the mould of expecting good tunes but with a poorly recorded output. So I’m always surprised in the most pleasant way when I hear stuff like this. I shouldn’t really as anything associated with Righteous Anger and Global Parasite, and Pigtown Recs before them has that seal of reassurance that you’re gonna be knocked senseless, be it a CD or a gig or a Dirty Weekend.
This Scarred Society release is a fast, furious and politically-socially angry punk rock recording, ‘Down & out stinking of piss, lying in the gutter I’m covered in sick, how bad was my life to end up like this, give me a razor let me slit my wrists.’ – not exactly ‘Go Tell on The Mountain’ but this is reality. Check out the band Scarred Society – check out the label Righteous Anger Records