Mank is the Welsh ambient electronic project of Ben Powell, based in Bangor in North Wales.

Ben Powell has been recording as Mank since 1998 releasing “home made” CD’s on his Mankymusic label.

Ben started making music at the age of 11 playing guitar in cover bands at school. At the age of 17 he bought an Atari ST, a guitar effects unit and a 4 track tape deck and started experimenting with sound, putting the guitar through heavy reverb then flipping the tape over and repeating the process in reverse. In 1998 a 22 year old Ben went fully digital, the PC age was here. The first few albums were sample and loop based but as Ben’s compositional skill grew so did his technical abilities on the PC.

Mank has received extensive play on Radio Wales including two half hour “mankymixes” reminiscent of the ISDN gigs done by the Future Sound Of London. In 2003 the Mank remixes of Kentucky AFC’s “Bodlon” single were released on the R-Bennig record label. Ben caused a splash in 2003 with the unprecedented debut EP from his band Micrographia which was demo of the week in org magizine. Tracks from the Mank EP “Madarch” were played on national radio 1 by Rob Da Bank” in July 2005. In October 2006 “Cephalization” was released on Solar Chi and was played in full on by Adam Walton on Radio Wales, who described Ben as “one of the most important electronic artists in Wales”.