After what seemed like an age of inactivity after a flurry of excitement 18 months ago, The Bright Young People are certain to slam back into the limelight with a superb 7 track demo and prove to you there’s no smoke without cigarettes.
The opening track Devils Pinch is so filthy, you feel the need to cleanse yourself after hearing it. Hang Up straight after it shows no let up, again at plod pace and loaded with a dirty bass, and evil beat and a Liam Gallagheresq grated vocal without the put on whine.
Having added Jamie Cardno on bass, founding members Lee Dawson (voc,gtr) and Casey Ingram (drms) make up this dirty rock ‘n’ roll garage band and are sure to tear up the floorboards of a venue near you soon.
A couple of tracks like Girl With Raven Hair and The Waters Coming In lend themselves more to the heavyside of the excellent Black Angels with a 1950’s B-movie jukebox found at the back of a long closed American Diner than the Night & Day Cafe in Manchester. Whereas Louisa joins the two mutated genres together in a Stooges bridging experiment, relentless head banging, toe tapping dust bowl punk rawk – ‘Cast your pearls before the swine, I guess you got your kicks’ – I certainly did, and you will too on hearing this beautiful noise, ensuring BYP will be your cocaine.