Really love the music on this show – had so much good stuff that I couldn’t cram it in, yes, I know I could’ve made it longer – there’s no rules, but I think an hour is long enough – maybe too long…
The advent of the mp3 player is such a wonderful beast, no longer do we get up every 3 minutes 30 seconds to change the single we’re playing. I can happily do the ironing and listen to my favourite tunes on Random Play. Not very rock ‘n’ roll to admit to ironing… I’ll rephrase that…
I can happily inject crystal meth into my eyes and listen to my favourite tunes on Random Play – which is how I rediscovered Cosmo Jones Beat Machine, and I thought Finland was place full of elks and tall blonde women…
Also coming up on random was the excellent Genod Droog – excellent enough to ensure it went back on the iPod and back in the car for some easy listening while I kerb crawl. Beastellabeast’s CD ‘Beastiality’ also jockeyed for position and rubbed shoulders with Race Horses and Future of The Left in the CD player this week. And I also got invited to the ‘Get Thyrd Eye’s Debut Single into The Charts’ group of Farcebook – I’m not really an advocate of get this and that into the charts as every Twm, Dic a Hari is doing it these days – there’s no surprise that the big wigs will spread their evil all over FB to promote their vile shit disguised as music in the near future, so for that reason, and because I really really like the song and the band, I joined the Thyrd Eye group and will also buy a copy on Feb 15th.

GENOD DROOG – Genod Droog Theme
THROBBING GRISTLE – Something Came Over Me
THYRD EYE – Say Something
ZOMBINA & THE SKELETONES – Your Girlfriend’s Head
FOREIGN LEGION – Party In Prague
PWSI MERI MEW – Meistr Y Moroedd
INBREEDING REDNECKS –  Corpse Molster/Participate in This Extinction
NICK RIFF – Symbiont
A-NORMAL – Post Synaptic Theramin
POCKETKNIFE – Straight To Hell
CHEAPSKATE – Science & Love
FUTURE OF THE LEFT – You Need Satan More He Needs You