I fucking hate spammers and scammers. This site is continually spammed, but thankfully I’ve got a great spam filter that’s kept out over 3000 of the fuckers in the last 2 years. If I didn’t have it, then every page would be filled with bollocks laced comments like, ‘I love the blog, the way you write is so natural’ and a link to some cock enlarging website. I love the blog too, but I’d love to blog the arse of the shit heads who write those spam comments and shove a petrol pump up there with an ignitor. Wankers.
Also, those twats who work for mobile network companies, they call you up and say, ‘Hey Mr Crud, did you get the new mobile phone we sent you last week?’
‘Err… No.’
‘Oh terribly sorry about that, tell you what, we’ll set up a new contract for you and upgrade your phone, how does that sound?’
‘Brilliant, tell you what, I’ve got a better idea… FUCK OFF