(review n pix by neil crud)

Seagull Kinevil are like crystal meth… Try them once and you’re hooked forever… You could just say No, but the temptation is there, and once they’ve got you there’s no turning back – you’ll want more and more and more. Everytime I hear a track I’m filled with elation! A grin forms from ear to ear on my fat face…

However, if you use BBC Radio Wales as your sole medium for new local music you’ll be excused for wondering what I’m going on about, for their excellent 4th album ‘To Insanity & Beyond’ has only received a token play, and shame be upon you Adam.

If, however you are a contributor to one of the 55,000 hits on their MySpace page, then you’ll know exactly what I’m going on about.

I wrote in my recent Download review that seeing AC/DC was one of those boxes that needed ticking before I die, also on that list is Get Stoned With Seagull Kinevil, which is something I really must do!

Seagull Kinevil exist in a lysergic ether where the school curriculum is based upon the lyrics of The Beatles’ I Am The Walrus and the population have all crashed their spaceships and woke up in a wreck.

Today was the LL65 Live Festival, organised by the tireless Jim Lee, and bar the headliners I believe all the other acts were from Holyhead, and my only gripe with the event, is with Facebook – I’m not wholly convinced it’s the way forward, but every bugger is using it that it has emptied the rest of the internet..!! There’s gaping chasms where websites were once found and proud, now there is simply a 404 message or ‘error in connection’ as the entire populace has moved to Facebook or MySpace. I guess it’s a little like the bloke who got pissed off living in a city, so he built a house in the country, before he knew it everyone else had the same idea and built houses next to his, and thus a new city sprang up. We as humans are pack animals, we thrive in communities, (and I guess the loners shoot people), and online communities are no different – we huddle together for company.

Anyway, this Facebook lark, its pitfall for bands and event organisers is the saturation syndrome – announcements get lost in the mire of spam. The endless stream of emails and events pouring through your inbox means LL65 Live also gets trudged down in the turgidity of mass mails. So unless you study and digest every single event slapped in your cyber-direction (I have 198 events to see at present!), the chances are some are going to slip by, as did LL65 until the eleventh hour – quite literally in fact, as it was 11am when I discovered the event was on.

Sadly, constraints of the younger elements of the Crud fraternity meant I couldn’t hit the road until late on in the day, and while shortening my life with a death burger from Holyhead’s Take Away Alley, I heard a familiar voice shimmering upon the light breeze. ‘That’s definitely Amy from DeMask,’ I told Dekkers.

‘Who’s DeMask?’ He enquired, and it was quite bizarre to tell him he’s too young to remember them, when the band themselves are barely knocking on their upper teenage years. We did get to the festival site in time to catch the last song, a cover of Sweet Child of Mine to keep the proles happy.

Playing only tracks off their current album and last years habitually played ‘Rainbow Hours’ CD, Seagull Kinevil may one day explain the name change. You could forgive them for saying that because in their previous existence they were called Valleum and due to its spelling it made them pretty hard to find on the net. However, I have to think about the spelling of Seagull Kinevil everytime I type it! Dictionaries aside though, they alighted the back of this truck-cum-stage, laid the table, put on the silver service and invited us to banquet with them. And gorge did we! The dishes they served up were all Michelin Starred, from the infectious Dream Rubble, splendiferous Let’s Wrestle, inspired Barrymore, thumping Black Lemmons, weather watching Fog Patches and aisle racing Shopping Trolley and many more. All filler and all killer!

Mmm.. that’s nice… Love them…

Genuine photo taken at festival, the sky was that colour too!!