on Catdog Recs (imprint of Dockrad) – Dockrad CD025
(review by Stand & Deliver zine)

Aberwyswyth’s very own Howl Griff has released an album of guitar pop goodness so engorged in 60’s sunshine it’ll make you feel like you’ve gone back in time. Reminiscent of Super Furry Animals, The Beatles and The Beach Boys,if this album dosent get you feeling good then I dont know what will.  Opening tracks “Bluebirds” and “Crash and Burn” storm into the album before slowing down for “Devotion” with lyrics as gentle as “I feel your pain and laughter still, the cracks are falling deep, devotion” which shows this band have real heart and can slow things down as efficiently as they can speed things up.

Tracks such as “Giving it the always”, “Unselfish”, “Hideaway” and “Dark Energy” also show that things are not all sunshine pop as they slow the pace of the faster and more upbeat tracks of “Back to Normality”, “Uduhudu” and the amazingly dancey and almost surfer pop charms of “Jeans Therapy”.

All in all from start to finish this album is a lesson in guitar pop by one this countries finest. If you like Super Furry Animals and 60’s guitar pop then you’ll like these guys. So check this album out.