The Alien Matter track popped up and my iPod and I thought how fuckin ace it is, and how I still rue the demise of what was potentially a monster of a band. I also celebrate the return of my Jarcrew CD after being held captive by Steve Sync for almost 7 years. Great to hear a new Alun Tan Lan track. Also plug Leucine, Kunk, Rats For Candy and 4 Sticks, who are all playing in various venues in Rhyl this week.
Oh Carol, when I see you on Countdown, you make me wanna pull my pants down…

ALIEN MATTER – Kelly & Steve
JARCREW – Money Shot
ALUN TAN LAN – The Donkey Song
LEUCINE – The Fuse is Lit
KUNK – Little People
CARPET – Balloona
SONS OF SELINA v EMINEM – Go To Sleep (Head in The Shed mash)
RATS FOR CANDY – Damien Hurts
UNDER ALIEN SKIES – From Snowdon To The Sea
DEAD CITY RIOTS – Whiskey Summer Junkie
HOMESPUN – 100 Nations
LORD KAFUFFLE – Mynydd yn Toddi
4 STICKS – Satellite
KUNT & THE GANG – Oh Carol