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  1. neilcrud
    January 3, 2010 @ 10:20 pm

    (by steve rastin)
    “…to have been there in their heyday must’ve been a wonderful feeling.”

    They brought their Seaside Specials tour to the Pier in Colwyn Bay in (I think!) 1980* and as live performers at that time they were second only to The Clash.

    There were obviously tensions within the band that night – Roddy Radiation trashed his guitar towards the end in a manner that suggested genuine unhappiness rather than mere theatrics – but the performance absolutely fizzed.

    The layout of the venue meant that there was no barrier between band and audience and with several hundred rude boys n girls, punks and skins bouncing around in unison you felt that The Pier was in imminent danger of collapsing into the sea, but my god we’d have all drowned happy!!!

    Great to know that they can still cut it, now can anybody get the original Smiths line up back together for one more tour?

    *It was 11.06.80, supported by either The Bodysnatchers or The Modettes


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