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ANKSTMUSIK are proud to announce the imminent release of A.D.H.Dreams the debut album from teenage signings The Stilletoes. The album recorded live at Bryn Derwen Studios, Bethesda, North Wales by ex-Gorky’s guitarist John Lawrence features fourteen super sharp pop-punk tunes which amply display why this band are recognised as THE best new band to come out of the Welsh scene in recent years.
Ridiculously young, talented and outspoken, the band led by charismatic motor mouth Efa, with her fourteen year old brother Iago on drums and friend James on bass, more than deliver on the promise shown by their Welsh language debut 7’’ Sownd / Y Gwir ( on pink vinyl!) and their contribution to the compilation album Radio Crymi Playlist Vol 2 (The anthemic ‘One Last Dream’ – “You and me got nothing to lose, we’re last in line no matter what they do”), both released in 2008. Over the past year the band have played super exciting gigs in every shit hole in Wales happy slapping audiences numbed by the usual lifeless commercial indie music on offer with an unique onslaught of tunes, attitude and sheer ‘balls out’ punk rock energy.

This band mean it maaan! A.D.H.Dreams gives us songs welcoming the recession (Recession This); pin sharp exposes of over the hill indie types (Smoke’n’Snort); personal manifestos (I Need To Roam) ; tales of alarming personal behaviour (Cuntrol); all out assaults on the racist nature of Welsh language culture (Nazis Cymraeg); directionless modern youth (Teimla Y Cyffro) drug apathy (Methadone Church) and chemically neutered teenage rebellion (Diagnonsense) – This is music that demands that the ‘seen it all’ modern rock audience once again focuses and pays attention to what a few chords and tons of attitude and talent can actually achieve. There’s no pussyfooting around – this album snarls out of the gate at full speed and doesn’t let up for it’s 40 minute length. It reminds us what young and angry is supposed to sound like. It might be too late for rocknroll to resuscitate itself and become a vital force again but as long as bands like The Stilletoes are out there sticking out faces in it we can keep believing, along with the band, in rock’s one last dream…

The itunes version includes bonus track ‘Isolate Figure’.