(review by Begz)

This forum is the only relevant place to really put this thing I felt like writing after a good night at Central Station, Wrexham this past thursday, so hello to everyone on this forum, hope you give this a read. 🙂

Thursday the 15th of January I learnt two things, one being that the train from Rhyl to Wrexham is not complicated whatsoever and that Central Station is a crackin’ venue. I hadn’t seen live music at Central Station since late 2006 and upon my return it looked fairly different to how I remembered it, or my memory isn’t all that.

Anyhow, after a long wait outside the venue with a hundred or more boys and girls who were out for some alcohol free, high heeled fun the doors opened.

The line-up for the evening was Video Nasties, Threatmantics and the Swantonbombs, I won’t lie about it, I wasn’t particularly interested in being able to see Threatmantics and Swantonbombs as this was my first opportunity to see Video Nasties who have been one of my most listened to bands for myself since Summer 2007.

Musically the night kicked off with what was known as the ‘unsigned archives’, I didn’t catch the name of the band but they were a competent band with a short set list including a cover of the Klaxons hit ‘Magick’. The band were noticeably quite flat in comparison of what was to come later in the evening, but that was mostly due to inexperience and cheap equipment.

After this I got myself a drink, the venue had a wrist band policy enforced for the people in attendance aged 18 or over. This method of marketing towards underage teenagers and 18+ year olds is the key to attracting an audience, the kids come and the music lovers who wouldn’t mind a pint whilst watching some bands come. This is very much in my opinion what my hometown of Rhyl lacks, but obviously due to restrictions with strict policies enforced I wouldn’t imagine this is a possibility.

Video Nasties

The three bands performing at the venue are currently on what’s being labelled the Hellvetica 2009 tour, the three bands are alternating between the headliner of each evening on the tour and this, the second night of the tour saw the Video Nasties perform first. After my attempt at a conversation with the band’s frontman James Churching earlier in the evening didn’t exactly come off too well due to bad sore throat I cut it short and just grabbed a picture with him.

The band consists of a Guitarist/vocalist, second guitarist, bass, keyboard and drums. The lights dimmed and the set got underway, the reason I had paid the best part of thirty quid on an evening were in front of me and they didn’t disappoint. The energy that these guys put into their performance is incomparable to a lot of what is currently dominating the British music scene. The bands Indie/punk sound in my opinion knocks out the synth orientated pop that began riding high and favoured by a lot of kids since the introduction to the Klaxons in 2006 out of the water.

Video Nasties have a blend of songs which can be danced to, you can nod to and you can simply chill to and enjoy. I’d recommend their songs ‘Teenage Celebration’ and ‘Devil’ which incorporate blends of punk, indie and even influences from 90’s bands such as Sonic Youth and Pavement.
I‘d recommend this band to anybody, see them live, or just have a listen online. With their debut album coming out in March-April I have full faith that this band could gain a huge fan following.

Band’s myspace www.myspace.com/videonasties


Threatmantics are a three piece band who differ musically and in appearance to the conventional popular British band. For a start, the frontman had an Electric Violin in hand and the drummer performed backing vocals and offered a hand to the keyboard simulataniously as playing drums, this alone was shockingly brilliant. I didn’t have too many expectations for the band after Video Nasties but they were highly impressive, in skill, diversity and getting the crowd going. The frontman had long untidy hair and a moustache and was dressed in an ‘LA Doors’ T-shirt and old denim jeans and sang a few songs in Welsh which was nice to see from a welsh band. The music on offer was so tasty that the language barrier didn’t come in to play. Along with straight forward run of the mill rock, this band really grabbed my attention with an at the very least three minute instrumental that was so intense that I didn’t have the energy left in me to dance but to simply stand and embrace the magic infront of me. I’d definitely recommend seeing this band live.

Band’s myspace www.myspace.com/threatmantics


The two piece band consisting of guitarist/singer and drummer headlines the evening. The band named after a wrestling move didn’t do too much for me during their first number but I thought I’d see what these guys were about. The songs sounded pleasant and melodic but I didn’t really get the chance to pick up on the themes of the songs as a lot of the audience cleared out of the venue presumably to catch buses and for younger locals to receive lifts from parents as it was a school night, etc. Either way I would have more likely stood through the entire set the band had to offer had they been on earlier in the evening as they didn’t have what it was that kept me bang infront of the stage whilst the previous two bands played, saying this on another night I may completely change my mind and fall in love with what these guys have to offer.

Band’s myspace www.myspace.com/swantonbombs

After the gig came to an end, I grabbed a Video Nasties ‘Albatross EP’ and fanzine, got myself a kebab, caught the last train home and had a tiring day at College. I’ll be returning to Central Station not too far into the future I’m sure.