(review n live pix by neil crud)

Rhyl may have recently experienced a mass desertion on the punter front, but it didn’t show tonight, with The Stilletoes stamping back into town, they manage to send a seductive punk pulse around these sullen streets by thrashing their instruments to death. Here is a young band that are going to be there and do that before any others in the area are going to have been there and done it. They mean business in this mean business, but by fuck are they gonna have fun on the way.

In front girl Efa there is no pretence projection of herself, no false display, what you see is what you get; bundles of youthful energy. When a 6′ 3″ brick shit house who obviously couldn’t handle his drink decided to jump on stage and moon the band and then place a bin over the bassist’s head, The Stilletoes carried on regardless. Maybe two or three years down the hard gigging road it’d be that guy wearing a well aimed guitar round his own head, but all in good time. For now, things are looking good, and the future’s bright enough for Ankst Records to cough up the cash and release a debut LP in the shape of ADHDreams.

When Zebedy (pics above) first encroached upon the scene, they were considered nothing more than an excuse of an outlet for Jonny Lantern to masturbate the guitar skills that his main band (Lantern) wouldn’t let him do. Some bands, or people never learn but thankfully this isn’t the case this time round. The songs are structured rather than covered and progressive rather than retrogressive and at one point I actually found my sorry Kronenberg fuelled arse dancing to them; a feat that wouldn’t go amiss at Download or The Rock ‘n’ Blues festivals.