(review n pic by MWJ)

For those of us who only value Abba in the context of Alan Partridge the best export from Sweden is their top notch Discharge influenced hardcore crust output, that blasted no mans land between metal and punk, must be something in the cider over there. And getting a shot of it locally was certainly not to be missed.

So starting off early at Spoons with a temporary farewell to Kaz eventually trekked up to Madoc’s, bit of run of the mill ska and screamo-ish bands first on didn’t much register with me.

Manchester’s ROTPM I’d seen a previously some time back but had now evolved from the blazing punk’n’rollers of then. Cut down on members and sharpened up into a furious hardcore onslaught. Still quirky and musical with it though, though their sense of humour is somewhat challenged by flying drinks.

Again only averagely busy for the course of the evening at least those who were there for the end appreciated what they got from Raised By Drunks, and they sure got plenty. Any objective analysis of them may have seen them as derivative but for me that ticked all the boxes because I am reminded how much I loves the crust (taking me back to the joys of Scumfest). The filthy sounds that have the pace but are not lost in complexity, the raw vocals with the short sharp political message, the intensity of their performance. Excellent two vocal assault, with the female half apparently a last minute fill in but seeming seamless in fitting in. One of the best bands I’ve seen here in a long while, but undoubtedly down to my tastes!

Picked up an obligatory 7” split, diverted via Speakers, and learned the last train back was at 1:30, bonus. Met one of my old school teachers on it but for some reason he left at speed when we arrived in the Junction. Maybe I had been growling a bit…