(review by MWJ)

Only the other day I started picking up hidden messages telling me to “Come to the Sabbat” so felt that they must be referring to this Sunday gig at the Madoc’s, presumably scheduled to fit in with the headliners tour. Still a reasonable turn-out and as the room is small it always creates a good atmosphere anyway, with the added bonus of sick of it all dvd to watch while waiting.

Not that one room was enough to contain Bastions as with a long mike lead the fury was taken to every corner of the place. Their whole performance is explosive, the sharply changing math-core riffs, flailing instruments and cathartic vocals. At times you are graced the moderate comfort zone of a steady beat but these respites are short lived amongst the wrath and passion that ultimately ends in howling destruction. I think they sound clearer on the release I’ve heard but live they don’t hold back.

Manchester’s Eye Licker were the first to admit they had a tough act to follow but made a fair go at it. There’s was a more straightforward Exploited style of hardcore and while the drummer powered things along I didn’t find the pace of guitar and bass very satisfying. The vocalist certainly tried to stir things up, and they had some hooks in the lyrics, but not sure if a mish-mash of influences left them with a bit of an indistinct sound of their own. Was distracted by the appearance of propagandhi in the other room anyway

Finally all the way from Dundee, (related my tale of working on the tay bridge to them later), Joey Terrifying. They looked quite friendly and fresh faced as opposed to terrifying, I though for a moment this was going to be a bit poppy or just ska but while they had an excellent grasp of melody and weren’t averse to the odd bit of funking it was largely delivered at a frenetic pace that was very enjoyable. They came across as confident performers who were enjoying it themselves too, maybe the fact that they are well organised and gigging a lot is reaping its own rewards in the standard of their show. I happily bought a cd anyway