(review by Tom Leucine)

Chiodos were well good last night! I hadn’t been a good emo gig in a long time and it was a proper laugh.

We missed former From First To Last frontman, Sonny Moore‘s new solo project. From what I’d heard on his MySpace and his previous work in FFTL I don’t mind. He seems to have jumped into the emo/electro niche that bands like 3OH!3 and BrokeNCYDE have been championing recently and it’s really not my thing. Definitely more appealing to 13 year old kids who can’t get into clubs that play real techno or drum and bass.

Next up were Reading’s Exit Ten. I have one of their old EP’s somewhere but hadn’t ever got into it. However the set was pretty solid and the drummer was super tight! I don’t really have a huge amount more to say about this band as nothing fantastic stuck out. I just remember in a semi-drunken stupor nodding my head and turning to Adam and going, “Yeah!” which is probably to best praise a band who I don’t know will get on the night.

Finally, Chiodos hit the stage. The opened with brutal yet beautiful The Undertakers Thirst… which is incredible and got the whole room moving. Frontman Craig Owens and keyboard player Bradley Bell exchanging beastly screams before Craig’s ridiculously high vocal range came into play. A little crowd surfing later and they’d played songs off both of the albums and a few new songs off their release of Bone Palace Ballet. They played an encore after little encouragement and you could tell if they could have played more songs they would have done.

And then the normal after gig Manchester spirit. Get a kebab in Gemini’s then see if we can meet the band. We met frontman Craig and he was exactly as I had expected. A bit of a nob. Guitarist Jason on the other hand was nothing but sound. And off to BigHands with a few of the band and the crew to get KRUNK and introduce their weak American livers to Snakebite and black and of course, plug the fuck out of Leucine!

I didn’t get any pictures during the set but here’s one of Adam with a bemused looking Craig Owens of Chiodos.

For those of you that would like to know more here are the links to the bands!




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