(by Tom Leucine)

Me and Adam hit up the Roadhouse last night to check out A Day To Remember. If you haven’t been there its a really small venue and it was wicked to get so close to the band. Unfortunately the crowd weren’t having any of it.

To kick things off we saw Manchester’s own The Honeymoon Suite. The play a wicked kind of hardcore pop-punk like Four Year Strong and Me Vs. Hero. They had there heads in who were singing along but like I said before the crowd seemed really narrow minded and didn’t even try to get going. They were good enough for me to buy a CD anyway so fair enough.

Next up, everyone’s favourite band, Failsafe. They have some new material out soon, so they said during our post gig chats so keep an ear out for that. Playing a typically Failsafe-esque tight set they’re renowned for, they bashed out a mix of old favourites like To Deny Yourself and some of their newer material like Hope that has been played on MTV recently. Again, after several attempts to get the crowd moving from both the band AND me and Adam they just weren’t having any of it. On completion of there set they said their thanks but we told the crowd they didn’t deserve the ‘Safe. Failsafe are also ace because they seem to remember EVERYTHING ever such as when they played with us at Blu or Party on the Beach which they spoke to us about at length.

Finally the headline act, A Day To Remember from Tampa, Florida. They have recently released a new album called Homesick which is amazing and I was expecting them to plug it a lot. They only played two songs the new album which I was a little disappointed with. They play a wicked pop-punk hardcore fusion with some brilliant breakdowns and catchy choruses which really helped the crowd which had finally found its feet and its voice. The kids that had come out to support the band were pure little scene kids who think windmilling in the moshpit is a good idea. Yeah, dance and do your thing but personally I think windmilling is super GAY! The gig started 6 and the venue had a 9 o’clock curfew so when 9 came, the band went leaving me and Adam with nothing else to do but get pissed..

The whole gig was a little disappointing even though the bands were all on top form. Anyway, due to a mix-up me and Adam are going to see A Day To Remember again tonight with Azriel in the Music Box so expect another review soon.




Peace out!