(by Tom Leucine)

Last night was much more hardcore than Saturday’s show. The Music Box is bigger than the Roadhouse so the atmosphere was definitely better.

We arrived just as Elias Last Day kicked off. These Preston lads play a kind of hardcore metal with chugging breakdowns. Vocalists Patrick’s delivery of clean vocals sound really punky whereas his screams are brutal as fuck! They were pretty good and really got the crowd going however, I wouldn’t say they are leagues better than The Day Before Mortality who would have been a competent opening act.

Next up Glasgow’s Azriel. I’d heard of this band a very long time ago and have been following their progress for time. However, this was the first time I’ve ever seen them and they seriously didn’t disappoint. They seemed nice lads and I bought some merch off them after their set. Probably the least melodic of all the bands on the set but they made up for it with there hardcore rumblings and got the crowd on their feet and plenty of stage dives later they finished the set with an old school track called Hollow Man off there first EP. Result

I didn’t watch much of the next band For The Fallen Dreams on account of having to mish off for more dollar and begin an altercation with a homeless man. They seemed to do what their doing pretty well and again, the crowd responded well.

And finally, for the second time in two nights, A Day To Remember. They were far better tonight that last night, seeming more enthusiastic and full of energy. The played the same set including the cover of Kelly Clarkson’s Since U Been Gone which is getting a lot of television play at the moment. As I said, they only played 3 songs off the new album which was a little disappointing but nonetheless it was a wicked gig.