I was reading in the local rags a couple of weeks ago about some councillor or other and then a letter from a disgruntled Rates Payer moaning about the huge bill of ‘expenses’ our councillors run up.

Let’s face reality here, anyone, and I mean anyone (over 18) can be a councillor if they have enough friends. I’m not certain of the figures but it would not surprise me in the slightest if some councillors are voted into their seat of power with fewer than a hundred votes. This is hardly representing the people of their ward, and I doubt that even 10% of a councillor’s constituents could tell you the name of their representative (I couldn’t!).
Why? Simple, dogs fouling pavements, planning approval for a new shop, Grading buildings, setting speed limits etc. Not really rivetting stuff is it! Apathy has for many years been at the heart of the British democracy. The general public don’t really care, it doesn’t concern them if Gordon Brown is running the country or if Gerry Forbisher is planting a token tree on the Ffrith. A 36% turn out at the last General Election and 40 of your mates to get you voted onto the local council. So along with democracy, fascism and communism, you also have Apathy as a new and very popular kind of politics because people would rather sit at home and watch TV.
That’s the answer! TV! Political Big Brother, vote your worst MP out of the House; the public love doing things like that, and they’d even pay the premium phone-line rates to do so. I’m A Politician Get Me Outta Here, Play Your Councillors Right, Councillor Fortunes, Council Idol, Councillordown, The Weakest Link, One Man and His Councillor, Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Councillor, the list is endless and it would make voting far more fun!