Yes, yes, I know, I know – it kinda lapsed – but if you’re anal enough to delve through the archives from the last 7 years you’ll see that summer is a sparse time so far as Crudcasts are concerned.. why?
Simple really – too damn fucking busy… Galaventing {sic} round the country / continent for the next few months – Macclesfield, Chippenham, Huddersfield, Coventry, Berlin, Hemel Hempstead and Paris (in that order!!) so will try and get as much live music in as possible, but in the meantime…

Roll yourself a phat one and enjoy the show…

GO-X – Dance again
MOTHER OF SIX – Grossberger
VOLENTE – Crossed Wires
DER BOMBER – This is A Test
HEAD IN THE SHED – It’s All In The Mind
PENNYSOWS – Made In Wales
TEXAS RADIO BAND – Up Love the Life Line
NO EXIT – Martyn’s Brain
HOTGOBLIN – Rubberneck
CATE LE BON – Byw Heb Farw
THE AUTHORITY – Now I’m Electro
NESVIL – Rhedeg i Paris
INTO THE ABYSS – Lunar Drive
RICO OXIDE – Hey Look At!
GINTIS – Your Brother’s A Prick
DEAD PETS – Problem Child
HOMESPUN – 8th Apology