After two whole years of drinking, womanizing. gambling, and stealing other people’s songs, the 4 piece band – Osian Howells, Griff Lynch, Gruff Pritchard and Osian Rhys came to the conclusion it was time to do something of worth to fund or, at worst, kick these habits.

The brilliant single ‘Defnyddio’ and ‘Chwyldrofeistr’ comes to fruition a year after their first ever gig at Sesiwn Fawr, Dolgellau. Following that unforgettable gig, some half-famous Welsh language celebrities became ‘groupies’? following the band to all parts of Gwynedd. Despite this, the band has gone from strength to strength with some memorable gigs not least at the ‘Rhyngol’, Aberystwyth. The hope is that this single will make enough money to fund the bands bad habit. If not, they will have to go back to selling ice cream on the best beaches Anglesey and Gwynedd have to offer.

Both songs show how much the band has moved forward in their first year, yet they still have been able to maintain the sound that has shown them apart from other up and coming bands. This band, will in no doubt, be a great example of the work Ciwdod does in promoting Welsh language talent. Hopefully, this is the first step in many, as the band have plans to release more material in the future.