Thirteen years ago today Martin Wilding, Steve Sync, Robin Hemuss, Steve Jones, Cumi Pants and myself alighted the stage at The Vlietpop festival in Den Haag as the Sons of Selina. So it was quite fitting and warming to read another Colwyn Bay band’s plight of entertaining our Dutch cousins earlier this month.
Global Parasite have been making noises on the scene for a little over 18 months and have worked their way up to heady heights of the modern punk scene.None of this was by being in the right place at the time, it is through sheer hard work and total determination – ‘have band, will travel’ – they play anywhere and everywhere, and remarkably without their own transport.
Global Parasite spawned from The Cox who were the punk heroes of their own backyard and released the absolute classic single Nailbomb The Dancefloor, a semi-jocular assault on the disco club culture ‘I’m gonna sign up to the Al-Qaeda… DJ die you fucking cunt.’ It certainly was an assault on the senses and a doctored version was played many times on BBC Radio Wales by Adam Walton.

The Cox were doomed because of Leigh’s phobia; the guitarist had a reluctance to travel, which handicapped the band and tied them to a short stretch of the North Wales coast. Global Parasite are a progression of The Cox; Ste, Matt and Dave dedicate themselves to the cause, with strong politically-anarcho-punk beliefs and the ability to pen more stomping anthems such as the single Smash The New World Order, and more importantly, the ability to take their message to any town or city they choose. Chances are they’ll play in a town near you, go and see them it’ll be worth the fiver’s entrance fee. In an age crammed with old punk bands in their mid-forties playing the same combination of three chords, it’s refreshing to see a young punk band playing more dynamically progressive tunes and crowd surfing their way to the front of the scene.