For Rhyl band Gintis, this was their second recorded session for Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show (their third if you count the live set).

Vocalist Carl says, ‘The second session came about after having sent Adam demos of the second album we were working on. It was in a studio in Wrexham which was amazing, with the sound engineer Dom (who is a bloody top guy and good engineer). Having spotted the free bar, and being absolutely skint Dave and myself helped ourselves to the Cointreau and the Pimms.
The pair of us were shit-faced during recording and mixing and with the help of Rob playing a couple of chords on the acoustic we wrote a song called “Idiots and Children First” about Vikings coming to town to rape and pillage; and the five of us would all shout the chorus “idiots and children first” in our best pirate voices – we decided to have this as the only song in our side project The Vikings Of The Indian Subcontinent.’

‘We recorded “The Waltzer Song”, “The Overdraft Song” and “The Bakery Song” for the session and if you listen closely to the 2nd chorus of “The Waltzer Song” you can hear that I change the line “I know you want to ride on the waltzer” to “I know you want to ride Adam Walton” … I don’t think he noticed though.
This session was by far the best and the songs and all the backing vocals etc sounded great. Rob (Mercer) Gintis, had replaced Dan on the bass at this point and provided backing vocals, Kyle (Lee) Gintis had also replaced Ste on lead guitar and also provided backing vocals, along with my stalwart harmonizer Joe (Booker) Gintis.’