(review by matt misfit)

A lazy review and attempt due to lack of memory and what not but hey. Penrhyn Old hall is generally full of kids with minds that seem to close towards bands other than Lantern playing, and it was still apprent that the mast majority of people in the venue would stay away from the stage area (which is seperate to the bar etc for those who dont frequent pen old hall) and focus on the social part of the night, their loss because they missed some awesome bands this night.

Before the gig GP and Deadlight Spiral had agreed to get our sets over with asap so we could focus on drinking and having a laugh so after abit of swapping and persuasion with other bands we were all happy, obviously we were both wrongly not too arsed about playing this one!

So the running order was changed which meant strangely first up was:

Deadlight Spiral… played a rather intimidating set due to their obvious talent, this band are gonna do something cool, ya can just tell, the sound was spot on for them and daz’s guitar through an array of different effects just sounded fucking awesome over the thumping drums and smooth bass lines. People who were at the venue but missed this band…pay attention next time dicked’s!

Next up Global Parasite. A set consisting of dodging plastic pint glasses and torrents of spit, i had to headbut a piggybacking couple who emeged from the pit who wouldnt back away from me with my back being nearly skewered on a stairwell whilst still trying to play, which meant they fell into the drum kit and amps/speakers/Dave causing alsorts of chaos and carnage which suited what was an enjoyable set to play. Can’t say fuck all else really, a band i’m in and all (although i’ve witnessed some people write full reviews of their own set on here, which is rather odd maybe haha)

After the dust had settled, Lantern were on stage, the masses of kids soon came down to see their local heros do what they do best.This band need to do themselves some fucking favours and start networking, get out of north wales and play the UK but that’s upto them, most of the band are involved in another projects of some sort so i’m guessing Lantern is no longer the first and foremost venture for most of the members? They put on a good show as always with there Nu-Metal/emo blend. And the way Kerrang is today they could truly make it, if thats what they wanted, all they need is to lose the lazyness?

By now the venue was full of very drunk/narcotic riddled people and the atmosphere pretty good. Lots of gurning going on and a few very messy people stumbling around, including myself, no suprises there. But, i’d waited for ages to see the next band up, and, they hadn’t showed up yet. I was about to turn my back and bugger off to which ever party was goin on that night when Valleum turned up, plugged in, and went for it. Never seen these lot before, and they didn’t disappoint me either. The few people who were actually paying attention to this awesome band were really into it, some looking almost like they were in some sorta trance whilst Valleum played their way through a brilliant set. My drunken screams for Flight Of The Kamikazi were in vain though, they hadnt rehearsed it apprently, bloody hippies! Cant wait to see these lot again, preferably when im not so fucked though, as my memory of the set is pretty vague!

Never really noticed how good the sound at the Pen Old Hall rock nights is either, plus how well its all put together, because we only ever go there after a day on the beers, maybe next year the “link2wales” posse of muso heads should venture out? The main reason for this review being to rally some attention of people over the age of 16 to these nights i guess!