(by Gaz)

What a fucking crock of shite! The Bezerker are the worst band I’ve seen for years, maybe EVER!

Moving swiftly on, my mate and I had made the pilgrimage to Leeds for one reason: to pay homage to the legends that are Satyricon.

I’m not a big Black Metal fan, in fact, I think that when it’s done poorly it sounds like the biggest pile of unlistenable wank ever recorded. However, when it’s executed well it’s unbelievably powerful and intense, which sums up Satyricon.

New album “The Age Of Nero” sees the band move further away from their roots, but still sounding as evil and downright fucking heavy.

The set was culled mainly from the new album and 2007’s excellent “Now, Diabolical” album, with only a couple of older songs making an appearance. The new stuff sounds fucking awesome when it’s blasting at you at a million decibels in a small, sweaty club!

The stand-out tracks were a crushing “Black Crow On A Tombstone”, “K.I.N.G.”, “Now, Diabolical” and an anthemic “Mother North”.

The pit was very energetic for a black metal show, which maybe can be explained by the diverse crowd that are drawn to Satyricon. Long-haired traditional black metallers rubbed shoulders with shaven-headed hardcore lads, though it was the baldies who ruled the pit!

They were dragged back for an encore by the baying hordes and blasted into “Fuel For Hatred” which sent an already mad pit even crazier.

All hail the kings of black metal! The warriors of satan have arrived! The fury of all hell has been unleashed! (and other black metal soundbites!).

Good times.