(Ectogram pic by huw prestatyn)
Music is the food of love – and very often gives me indigestion, but lately I’ve been gorging in the best restaurants who have served up treat after treat.

The menu has many courses…
For starters we have Head In The Shed from Swansea who brought us a stunning debut single ‘Have We All Gone Insane’ reminiscent of an electronic Killing Joke, and just as angry. They swiftly followed it up with another single ‘Why?’ which lends itself to the main riff from ‘You Really Got Me’ and I have just rec’d a new track they’ve been working on, an instrumental not too dissimilar to Portrait of A Lifetime called ‘I’ve Got Blisters on My Brain’ which has thumping beats and odd mis-beats and blips blistered all over it. (website)

Also from Swansea come the excellent, and I mean excellent White Noise Sound, good enough to be featured on Jerry Kranitz’s Aural Innovations radio show in Ohio, they combine indie shoegaze with psychedelia smith like sweeping recipes topped with the loveliest delayed feedback you’ll ever hear. (website)

The main course has gotta be the double CD compilation release from Northern Star Records. Entitled ‘Psychedelica Volume Two’ you get 35 tracks of the finest aural cuisine to feast on. Featuring the likes of The Quarter After, The Deaths, Dolly Rocker Movement, Dust, Lovetones, Hopewell, Soft Hearted Scientists and many more…!

It’s hard to define psychedelic these days; to me it sounds like good music. In the old days of Sons of Selina the term meant an obscure b-side that contained random loops and could be played at 45 or 33rpm. Northern Star is run by exiled Rhylites Scott and Ollie, who are by their own admission, a bit like Laurel & Hardy but with razor blades. Tuck in at this website

The sweet menu will be the bitterest you’ll ever taste! With not a hint of sugar coating you find Klaus Kinski sending your taste buds recoiling! They have a split single with Ectogram due for imminent release, and their offering ‘Ecce Homo’ will have you smashing plates in the aisles. Sounding very much in the no wave-ish, noise-rocky, horror-punk dirtness of Wendykurk, this maggot ridden infestation from Llanfairfechan are the butterfly that’s turned into the ugliest caterpillar you’ll ever see. Brilliant! (website)

On the cheese board (by no coincidence) comes Denbigh’s Hogchild. I had a phone call from a familiar voice the other day in the shape of Steve Jones, who hasn’t spoke to me since he ran out of Pocket Venus in Oct 2002, leaving me with a hefty bill from having to cancel a London showcase. But hey, that was almost 5 years ago. He shoved a CD through my letterbox and the 3 tracks cement the fact that he still is an outstanding guitarist. Backed ironically by Gotti members Steve Flavell and Mauve Brown, Hogchild could quite easily’ve called themselves Jimi Hendrix and you would’ve been none the wiser. The opening track ‘Killing Floor’ is my favoured cheese. (website)

Coffee and biscuits will be served up by the return of Der Bomber at Bar Blu, Rhyl tonight…