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After spending most of the last 2 years slogging round the sweaty dives that make up the under-circuit, this hirsute bunch of Melidean reprobates really do need to join the establishment and start battling for the cause.
Not only that, but the place was full, which presumbably goes to show that you can have your night of eradicated emo and enjoy it. Musically, Der Bomber are not a million miles away from the rest of the wannabes you’ll find in the pages of The Fly magazine, it’s the swagger and delivery that sets them apart, and they should really be now harrassing the endless TV shows and specialist radio stations for a piece of the action.

Vocalist Remo appears to be a man at ease with himself and his audience, screaming and haranguing with ubabated zest as the rest of the band grate their instruments with intent stiffness to deliver yet another top notch performance.

I last saw The Racketears in Colwyn Bay, who were a bit of a let down due to the fact that they had followed Der Bomber’s possibly most explosive set ever. There were voiced concerns from the Racket camp later over the pairing of these two bands due to the guaranteed head count at Blu and the band receiving little or nothing in the way of fundage. The other side of the coin is that it’s an established venue, it’s on the doorstep and it’s good practise for the bigger picture.

Tonight The Racketears followed the Der Bomber top notch example, but in their own way. Regan Sergent cutting quite a dash on keyboards by adopting a B-movie greaser persona, Oli on guitar always looking pleased with himself, Adam on bass looking like he might kill someone, Aidan quietly drumming at the back and Tom on vocals, the ultimate longue lizard. The Racketears are not your typical North Wales band, following in the direction of a hero, they are writing their own epic chapter of chilled indie lore and since such a sound is in essentially short supply around here, they can get away with this relatively easily.