(review by Denbigh Dog)

German skacore band The Greedy Bees opened the show with blasts from an array of brass instruments. They were quite good but didn’t really manage to excite the crowd.

Second up were Kickback, formed from the ashes of Failure By Design. They were definitely a step up in class and their up-tempo ska hardcore got people bouncing around.

Global Parasite have earned themselves a good reputation in a short space of time, hence their placing higher up the bill. They certainly benefited from home support and played a tight brutal set of angry hardcore. Crowd favourites like “Brain Decay” and “Scream At The World” were belted out in their typical uncompromising style. They get better each time I see them.

Headliners the SmackRats were a real riot! The singer spent more time screaming in the ears of crowd members than on the stage. Their in-your-face hardcore punk went down well and they crucified a version of “Walking On Sunshine”! The set ended with a big pile-up with the demented singer right at the bottom. Noisy, brash, lairy, punk as fuck!

(Steve Brute from Global Parasite adds) ‘The only thing Denbigh Dog forgot to mention was the prick who was harrassing me all night (who ended up getting kicked out for being an ignorant cunt), Dave Cox slicing his head open from the pile on, domestics and a fight. Oother than that a jolly good night!’

(Matt from Global Parasite said) ‘I’d be pretty fuckin’ happy if I could witness a SmackRats gig every night for the rest of my life to be honest!’