(review by scot)

Ok, here goes, I’m going to be using this forum to gain better grades in my media studies class so please forgive me if I waffle on a bit as my recent work has had a very low word count.

Bar Blu has been done up a bit and is currently home to the under 18s night every monday, there’s a similar night @ speakers corner in colwyn bay but as I haven’t actually been there yet I don’t know how ‘similar’ but I’d imagine it’s run along the same lines, Bands + DJ + soft drinks only !!!
Anyway back to my review.

We arrived at the venue to be told that ‘Headliners’ Harlot Farm had pulled out and Prestatyn Band The 4 Sticks had been drafted in to headline tonights gig, Ok, I was looking forward to Harlot Farm but I’ve heard good things about The 4 sticks so we thought we’d pay up and join the crowd gathering upstairs.

First up, it became apparent that there had been a bit of a mix up with the running order as the Headline act were going on first ! why ? who’s idea was that ? we’d only just got our cokes when the DJ said it’s time to go live, now I thought ‘let’s check out the opening act’ which by my reckoning and the way the gig was billed should have been Safety in Numbers but there you go, we made our way towards the band but the crowd had swelled up and for the first time ever at a local gig I could sense the excitement building and when the DJ let rip with ‘here’s The 4 Sticks‘ the place went nuts, we were pushed and shoved backwards and forwards (I lost one of my shoes + spilled my coke) Wow !!! this is it, this is what we’ve read about, the fever, the adrenalin rush, and that’s just the intro guitars, then there’s the cheers and whoops of the teenage mass, The 4 Sticks looked cool as F**k (I’ll change that last remark before I hand it in) they sounded fantastic and boy did they put on a show.

From the opening chords I think the whole place knew this is going to blow, Tom (bass + vocals) just oozes charisma, looking like he was born for this and with the rest of the band also all in matching black leather stuff and with sweat streaming down their faces reminded me a bit of the Libertines with a bit of Black Rebel Motorcycle club. OK the sound was better than it usually is in Blu, but I don’t think the sound mattered too much, this will go down (for me anyway) as one of those ‘F**k me’ moments, I’m not sure if it’s the best local gig I’ve ever seen but it’s certainly the most exciting, their own songs were simply just streets ahead of the other two bands, even I sang along as loud as I could to one of them !!! Oh Yeah Oh yeah She Moves and Moans, I think that’s how it goes, everyone else seemed to be singing those words but I could be wrong so anyway, yes The 4 Sticks were just stunning, young, good looking (no I’m not gay but I’m ok with dishing out compliments)

A killer sound and a real ‘fire’ that really should be encouraged to grow, I’m a convert, so I wish them all the best for the future, rumours were rife last night that the BBC are going to be filming them at Speakers Corner soon, I’ll be there regardless.

Now let’s get this done, yeah, I quite liked Un-Aimed, they (like the 4 Sticks) have a very capable drum and bass rhythm section, I think the drummers name is Joe, he’s very good, kept solid time and played well with the rest of the band, sure their not up to the level that they’re capable of yet but there’s a lot of promise there, the covers were well received but unfortunately having to follow such a strong opening act must have been nerve racking, they did ok, the crowd sensed a dip in quality and next thing you know there’s big gaps in the dance floor but I’d blame the person who set the order of the bands for that, especially with regard to Safety in Numbers.

Now, here’s what we’re used to, a terrible rhythm section, no songs, no ‘look’, no ‘balls’ just your regular delusional, under rehearsed, over inflated ego type local kids, now it was hard enough for Un-Aimed and their drummer Joe was easily on a par with The 4 Sticks drummer but alas although Safety in Numbers have a fairly decent guitar player they just couldn’t get it together and it was almost sad to see, and even worse, sad to hear the crowds taunts but the crowd, well they pays the money and they makes the noises and those noises sounded cruel to me.

Ok, how did I do ? yes I know I should have taken photos miss, yes I know I didn’t get much info on any of the bands, yes I know I may regret one or two statements but I believe that what I’ve given you is a true account of my night out in Rhyl.