The majority of those who read this will be well aware that I run this website – a database of Welsh and Scouse alternative bands, past, present and future, with now almost 4000 individual entries (looks just like an encyclopedia).

It doesn’t matter if the band is the Super Furry Animals from Bethesda who enjoy international stardom or Chwys Troed, also from Bethesda who split up after one rehearsal when the guitarist jumped up and smashed his mum’s coffee table! Both bands have a place and deserve equal recognition on the site.

One person who I’m sure has achieved the award for being in more failed bands than anyone else (in North Wales) has to be Gav Lawton. He averages four, sometimes five bands a year – forming, building a website, changing the name, building a new website, losing the drummer and guitarist, changing the name, building another new website, splitting up, forming another band and so on ad infinitum…!

I do feel like sending him a bill for the time it takes to add and change the information, and for the bandwidth..!

Ok – Gav Lawton’s previous bands…. Scramble Joe, Seattle Joe, Carbonari, Carl Hogan, Dekay, Dred, Longstay, Lucid, Up In Arms, Utopia, Pain Filtered Farm, Jinxed, Torn Asunder, Crumble.

Phew! And they’re the ones I can remember! I’m sure there’s more, and probably, no, there’s definitely more bands listed there than they’ve collectively played gigs. But who cares? (Apart from my typing fingers!), that’s what link2wales is all about; documenting the undocumentable!

Gavin’s latest venture is called Swimming On Chief Brody’s Day Off – check ’em out

Hope to see them live before they split up etc etc…