Session for Adam Walton’s Musical Mystery Tour on BBC Radio Wales.

Tracks:  Freelance Opportunist / Ectoplasmic / Gimme Dat Harp, Boy! / Phone In Sick / Brand Man

A Sicknote spokesperson says; ‘This was recorded with the old band set up which included; Doghouse, Johan Flapsandwich, The Oracle and The Grinder. A friend joined us on the day in studio too, known as Willy Teeth, he had never heard Sicknote but played keyboards on the recordings to great effect! We think!?!?! Willy plays the squeeze box in folk punk band, Kilnaboy.’
‘The live session came about after Adam Walton got in touch after enjoying Sicknote’s rather demented ‘Get On The Bus’. Laid out in just one take at Not In Pill Studios in Newport and laid on by the BBC we were done with in a hour or so and out of there.’
‘Ginge, producer in the studio was part of Newport punk regga heads Skindred. He asked us who had been sick on Skindred’s guitar case when we supported them in The Pop Factory. This was Dr Conker, who had managed to hurl his guts up during ‘Phone in Sick’, all over said guitar case… it was a complete coincidence that this was to be the first track we were gunna lay down today!’
‘The tracks were compiled together onto a CD and released as Sicknote – Live at the BBC…. this was the 2nd EP sicknote put out and was received really well, helping Sicknote to build a strong Welsh fanbase.. and seemed to be a particular fave in the Gay circles, probably due to the twisted disco / uplifting dance feel to the songs on this EP.
Massive respect to Mr Walton!’