Been having problems with video editing this weekend – the program I use (Final Cut Pro) has been running slow and dropping frames on song #14 of The Alarm‘s Gathering 2006 project I’m working on.
I’ve tried cleaning out my systems – although not a complete expert on Apple Macs (I use the G5 solely for video editing – the PC is for EVERYTHING else) – it didn’t work.
I’ve tried to create an oldy-worldy effect on the opening this next song and it looks great but the G5 Mac just won’t play it – I’ve reduced the frame rate, the compression – tried to get it to Print To Video – everything, but it won’t play back. But a study of t’internet lead me to Larry Jordan’s FCP website and it turns out that the program struggles if you’re down to your last 15% of space on your hard drive, Mine’s a 200GB and I’m down to 30% left – so I guess its time to give ex-GMX Stuns bassist, Steve Buckley some more of my cash and purchase another drive from his shoppe The Computer World in Colwyn Bay.