Been far too busy to post blogs for nearly a year – it’ll all be in my memoirs when I’m dead!

Updated the link2wales site immensly this week – having ‘flu does have its advantages!
Did my radio show – started leaving it to every couple of weeks as I found doing it weekly was a chore rather than the fun it should be – so there’s no pressure now – if I’m busy it can wait – if I’m not then I’ll spring one on you… Not sure how many listeners I get – my figures of people listening in through my website is about 500 a week – but it can also be heard thru and podcast – so it could be hundreds, thousands or just two more! – Who knows, who cares…

Hard working for 1000 Words Productions on video materials – I’m on The Alarm‘s Gathering, which we filmed last January – I’m up to song 15 on the Saturday night of the gig (Rescue Me) – all looking pretty good so far – been watching videos of other bands for inspiration, some are very mundane – so I try to add an extra edge to the edits without going over the top. So far so good – even if the G5 Mac is struggling with the latest song as I’ve piled loadsa filters onto it to try and make it look like an old film.

Paul and Rob have chopped one of Sonic Boom Six‘s live songs from the gig we filmed last Saturday in Conwy Civic Hall – unfortunately their manager Liam phoned to say they’d like us to do the song ‘Your Daddy Was a Punk Rocker’ – so we’ll have to do that one instead.

The twosome have also made strides on PSST‘s video, which we filmed the week before SB6 – its their song for England’s World Cup (err) dream – you can vote for it on The Sun website.

Also got Tonnica, Iris, Killionaire and The Racketears to do videos for – its all filmed, just gotta get PSST and SB6 out of the way first – should be good fun.