(review by goth)

Initially it was a disappointment to see such a (so far) small turn out at Bangor’s relaxed venue, Hendre Hall, dubbed as Valleum’s backyard.

Junc had the job of opening the night with some upbeat punk. There were some sound issues early on in the set; not helped by a straying bassist disrupting his own show, fucking off his own song to chat to some fella, leaving the remainder of the band to finish the number in a White Stripes stylee. Sound problems? Wait ‘til after the tune! It may be just my opinion based on my metal roots but Junc’s music seemed plain. There was a grungey feel to their set, so something to build on, maybe something to hope for but in honesty Junc didn’t flick my switch.

The empty spaces in this cosy barn soon filled when Inferno took to the stage. And fucking hell did they take to the stage! Some comments were made associating them to the likes of Slayer and Pantera. I stood in shock until about the third song, and it’s at this point may I recommend drinking alcohol while on medication; where ‘paying the price’ is in fact only paying half the price you usually would! Practically hugging a radiator and the barn wall for fear of hitting the deck without stable support. I was blown away by Inferno, a band that rekindled the feeling and meaning of heavy metal. Two Eps are available to purchase and, on good faith, their third and latest should be on its way for review soon. I would very much suggest seeing them and having the satisfaction of seeing a local band true to their music rather than just teenagers with distortion.

Valleum greeted everyone with their usual, casual, clean set. A pleasantly received vibe somewhere between grunge and metal. They are crowd pleasers who always share an intimacy with their audience. On the night though Inferno did take the bisquits. My visit was then cut short as my quest to become completely horizontal was to continue on the streets of sunny Bangor – derive what you want from that.