I was trying to play the field, But I got caught up in your offside trap
I took on board the diagrams, And statistically you are where it’s at
My hypothesis was approved, And the erroneous data was you
So now I’m love with a anomaly, And I haven’t got the foggiest what to do
(Gintis 2005)

They are probably the best lyrics you’ll ever find in a song at this present time. Gintis are inspiring, elating, uplifting, daunting, awesome and fucking good! Good enough to lure me out of writing retirement (temporary) and scribe a few words about their genius.

Now I feel guilty about not letting you know about the bands I’ve seen in the last two months that I’ve not written about, either from being too drunk or too busy or; usually; both. I’ve been to some great gigs and great performances put in by Doa UK (now called De-Mask I think), Der Bomber, Dressed Naked, Smack Rats, and the mighty Carpet etc.

But none of them lifted me enough to put finger to typewriter, mainly because Der Bomber, Smack Rats and Carpet frustrate me in so much as they should have a road crew, tour bus, record company and paparazzi with them – they are that good, and De-Mask and Dressed Naked are still going through their apprenticeships. The same on both counts can also be said for Gintis.

Beforehand at an unusually quiet Bar Blu – quiet for a Gintis outing, where people were more suspect by their absence (was The Brits really that good?), we had Killionaire from Criccieth. What? Criccieth! That sleepy place with a castle and hair salons? Yep, that Criccieth.

Originally called Bechdan Jam they obviously decided to ditch the name and the Welsh language and go for it – probably safe in the knowledge that they can get the TV and radio experience from the Welsh media by sneezing in the language. Its a sorry state of affairs when a production company or radio show is desperately scratching around the ether for anything remotely connected to the Welsh language in order to fill and pad out airspace. It dilutes the talent and you get a host of crap bands who know all too well they can play the language card and get themselves a TV or radio slot; and who can blame them!

Fortunately Bechdan Jam were not talent less. If memory serves me right I saw them support the excellent Winebago at Blu a year ago and they impressed me enough to remember them!

And impress me is what they did again in their new format as the brilliantly named Killionaire. Backed by a solid drummer, who, if you could hear the bass drum, I’m sure would give John Bonham a run for his whiskey, with two skinny college looking lads up front who know how to thump their instruments but it doesn’t matter if it hits the wrong chord now and then. The only slight drawback is the one or two occasions the vocals slip into Kurt Cobain mode (as they do on their ‘Sometimes’ demo), but I’m when he realises his hero is now a headless corpse he might just grow out of it. The bulk of the songs in this 40-minute set were actually sung in a good old-fashioned British accent anyway and I was quite envious watching them, wishing I was 18 again and possessing their dynamics at that age, rather than the plod-a-along shite I used to write in 4Q.

Yeah 8/10 for Killionaire and they gave me hope, it was something different to the glut of bands doing the rounds – they’re on the middle ground between those who should be superstars and those who should still be practising in their bedrooms. Here’s to the future…

Gintis on the other hand are a band I should say are shit, wankers and are going nowhere, because those words would kick start any other band to prove me wrong, but, although the words are far from the truth I know it wouldn’t have that affect on them. They are musically a law unto themselves and fucking brilliant, what more can I say? I actually felt a tear in my eye (the third one) as Wonderful Show was being played; its that powerful, and even a painfully thin Kyle who had scraped himself out of his glandular fervoured death bed to play this set delivered a gold star show. The encore of People Defiant was quite a spectacle with instrument swapping and the unassuming, but multi-talent Joe Gintis stepping from behind the kit to deliver vocals and piano, and even some beat boxing when the drum machine wouldn’t function at the end. Gintis are a band at peace with themselves and their songs, they’ve ironed out the nasty noise and the dilemma of writing tunes more advanced than their playing capabilities. They are at one with what they play and can do so blindfolded if they so wished.

Gintis for world domination? Yes! I was talking to Adam Walton earlier in the day and we both agreed we couldn’t believe they’re not signed. Networking is ace and Gintis have been taken under the wing of The Loungs who share everyone’s passion for the Rhyl band. You can see the similarities so far as being different is concerned. Once seen The Loungs are never forgotten. In Steve Sync’s own Jamieson’s Whisky induced words,
’They were excellent again, and what a great sound Ralph (don’t fuck with the) Latham(s) got out of the PA. With six band members and everyone a singer, you could hear every vocal, every harmony and it was backed by top notch music. Good enough to keep the punters there well after the witching hour.’

Steve continues, ‘I had to sit down for the last two songs for fear of doing the Fatman sway, but I stayed to the (not so) bitter end before rushing out to soak up the alcohol with a kebab.’