Sonic Boom Six

(neil crud) This gig was put on by Complete Control Music. They asked if I would film the gig and get a ‘name’ band to play, the £500 budget didn’t stretch as far as The Damned or The Alarm, who I had connections with, so a young Sonic Boom Six headlined with sparsely populated show.
It was really hard to edit the videos due to a shit light show, plus one of the main cameramen left a light filter on his camera so all his footage was basically black and unusable! Also CCM couldn’t afford a proper recording so the sound was from the cameras and through the mixing desk. Probably the hardest bit of editing I’ve ever had to do.

All the bands were pretty good; Racketears just oozed professionalism, Killionaire were young, raw and exciting, Iris were like an old school rock band, Tonnica from Bala were off the wall and Sonic Boom Six came in did the job and took the money!