(review by Tom The One)

I don’t think I’ve had a better time at Frames in my brief visits to the fine establishment than I did this Friday!
The atmosphere, the bands, the girls were all on quality form! I’d started to think Frames was becoming tedious, constantly rotating the same bands, every other week so it was nice to see a few fresh faces there this week! It was also nice to see the usual tension between some kids dropped for the night.
I was absolutely MASHED so my accounts could be a little sketchy but here, for anyone who wants it, is Tom’s review! Get In!

The first to take to the stage was Adam Potts doing an acoustic set. I will always give credit to anyone willing to get up on there own and have the whole audience on him. Adam played a variety of tunes that evening, a few of his own and some covers. I enjoyed the set a lot because it was a very mellow performance that started the evening well. The crowd responded well and although it wasn’t something you could really have a good dance to it, it was respected by most in there.

Next up, came Akir. I was eager to see these guys, especially their song Sight Scene which I rubbishly missed as nature called. However, their set, while fun and enjoyable was brought down by the mics which just weren’t loud enough. On the other hand, Akir brought a different brand of music to Frames that it really needed and not just some bad screamo-metal band.

Third on the bill were Colwyn Bay’s Denuo. I’d firstly like to thank Tom and the rest of Denuo for playing the show on such short notice and still managed to produce such a tight set. I was really eager to see them in action after hearing there MySpace material. The bands performance was incredibly professional and solid and considering this was there first proper gig, I’d say it was an excellent session. The crowd also responded really well to Denuo which really surprised me as they are not really known in the direct area. Again, the mics couldn’t quite cope and were off all night really but most noticeably for Denuo and Akir. All this considered, excellent band with tons of potential for the future.

And finally, headlining Friday’s awesome line-up, NineHourDrive. I have a lot of time for these guys but that doesn’t mean this review will be biased. By this time I was hammered so it’s hard to get a true opinion. But this is what I think happened. NHD opened really well and got the crowd going, interacting with them brilliantly. There performance was really tight as well with all the guys putting on a great show. Their set even finished with Big Jay having a dance around in the pit not before rushing back to the mic to finish the song. I also enjoyed my own personal song dedication, thanks a lot for this guys!

And thanks to all the bands and people at Frames who made it an awesome night for everyone.

Adam Potts – http://www.myspace.com/sadlyitheals

Akir – http://www.myspace.com/macckakir

Denuo – www.myspace.com/denuomusic

NineHourDrive – www.myspace.com/ninehourdrivetheband