How hot is it??!!! – Thankfully, coming back from Las Vegas, a paltry 86deg F is 20 less than in Sin City…

The Alarm are playing Manchester Academy at the end of this month and Mike Peters approached us about doing a live webcast – but the expense including logistics may prove to be a little too much, but we’re going to film it anyway and do fast edits of some of the songs for web broadcasts – maybe a different song each day.
The ‘live’ version of the ‘Raindown’ video will also be up on the net soon – the single version of the song is far more powerful than the LP version – short and to the point.

Homespun‘s new DVD Badman has been delivered (it looks excellent). Complete Control’s showcase DVD has also been delivered (it too looks excellent). And we’re concentrating on getting the vids up onto our website as a showcase – cos we need more work!!
Sonic Boom Six have approached us about doing a vid for their forthcoming single – it’s a dirty punk song, and although they come from Manchester they want to use Rhyl for the backdrop because of its scummy qualities – damn right!
The Racketears are also in the pipeline to do a video – look forward to that one.

Made my first on stage appearance in SEVEN years last night, guesting on vocals with PSST’s Paul Scouse and Dean Obscene for their version and reworking of the old Sons of Selina song ‘Creatures of The Night’. Everyone knows the song in Bar Blu thanks to ex-DJ Andy Baker playing it to death at the venue. Felt quite good to be up there, albeit for 6mins. I did initially fear it be a bit of a parody, particularly with PSST doing their ‘Now Is The Time’ World Cup song first, but backed by scouse band Sleeping With Fishes they performed admirably.
Ironically it was 14 years to the day that Paul Scouse knocked on my flat door in Butterton Rd, Rhyl to tell me he’d sacked me from the original PSST. The rest, they say is history!

Done another radio show; there’s some great music around and long may it continue. The MySpace revolution has had a lot to do with this incredible explosion. Excellent.