An hours drive out of N.Wales and straight into Manchester rush hour traffic, car overheating, warning lights aglowing. But it didn’t matter because Texas Radio Band at In The City was the prize. Down into One Central Streets seemingly basement style venue, and into what seemed like little Wales – with Huw, Huw and Huw instantly recognisable, hello to Guto, Mr Rostron and Mario “king of the road”, a quick chat to the band, before finding my Manchester dwelling friend Owen in amongst the crowd of haircuts.

“We started this 7 years ago… so not long to get on the first stage on the ladder eh?” Matthews first quip to the crowd before launching into “Chwaraeon” – good work! Someone next to me was sketching the band furiously as they performed… The set took a 5 song whistle-stop tour of their new material, including “I Will Be Coming Home”, “Places In My Head” and the finisher “Pass Ya Ffone”. Great set, good sound, good response. Job done!

Thinking i’d get the most for my £6.00 NCP parking fee, i’d stick around for a couple of other acts… only one worth writing about though (those there last night all nod in agreement as they catch the bold type faced name below):

Gideon Conn – So most reviews of this guy are glowing and filled with the word “genius”, i’d read them earlier in the day. I’d heard his MySpace page – and seemed OK. Wasn’t expecting what happened – often the best way! He opened with his song, with full band; “I Want You Around” – and completely spellbound not only me but the entire room (if not the streets above the basement venue), if your about to head over to his MySpace after reading this, it doesnt do it justice, but still, go there! I ‘will’ travel miles to see this guy again. It was only after seeing him onstage i put the two together – he was the guy who’d been stood next to me sketching Texas Radio Bands performance furiously. (from Slacyr website)