It’s not often I get really, really excited about a band. Yes I love music; it’s my life and soul – an obsession bordering on neurosis. From an 11 year old buying The Jam’s ‘When You’re Young’ 7″ single and having to play it at my cousin’s house because we were too poor to afford a record player to releasing LPs with my own band and running my own label.

I receive a plethora of CDs and demos every week, most of them don’t make it past the opening track on my player, but every now and then something will jump out and bite me. So when I say I am excited about something, my enthusiasm is genuine and sincere. North Wales has probably never been so vibrant and healthy in musical terms as it is now. A lot of people will argue that it is down to my website, but whereas I would love to lap up the applause, I do think that it’s down to the bands themselves, plus the foundations laid down by the Breeding Ground and Bar Blu venues in Rhyl and the MASE organisation in Conwy over the last 4 years. The Breeding Ground served a great purpose, it attracted a regular 200 – 400 people every fortnight, it gave young local bands used to performing in the back rooms of pubs the opportunity to play on a proper stage with lights and PA, and most importantly it made the young punters sit up and say; ‘I can do better than that.’

Those youngsters went on to form their own bands, of which we are baring the fruit of right now with Jives Room, The Crave, Kneejerk, Modern Tradition, L98, Inner City Sumo, Carbon Vein, Station Ten, Lantern, The Cox, Black Swans, Sansara, The Hollow, Model Superb. Add these to the veterans on the scene like Carpet, Fudged, Skinflick, Pocket Venus, Fear ‘n’ Loathing & Alien Matter and you see why I get all excited and why the media from outside the area are beginning to take note.

But the one band that is really doing it for me at present is Rhyl’s Gintis. I do love all the bands mentioned above, but it’s Gintis who hit my G-spot at the moment, they can hardly tune their own guitars, but there is a quality in their song writing above and beyond a lot of their peers. This quality stems from musical inexperience; my philosophy is quite simple; a highly competent and trained musician does not write as good music as someone who is learning. A learner (Gintis have L-plates on their amps) will explore different avenues to structuring a song, discover new dynamics, piece things together that a competent musician was always told is taboo.

Plus the learner has the bonus of improving as they learn, so the potential of Gintis is quite staggering, providing all this praise and radio attention doesn’t go to their heads. I strongly recommend you check them out, you’ll see them live and they’ll be out of tune; even discordant, but on 4 or 5 songs they’ll push your button & those hairs on the back of your neck will respond. Hear their ‘Supersoakers & Megadrives Broke these Li’l Hearts’ EP (on Slacyr Records) or the Adam Walton BBC Radio Wales and Huw ‘n’ Bethan Sessions and you’ll melt on the opening bars of ‘Transactions of a Disappointed Physicist’ for that is undoubtedly the song of the year, if not the coming decade.

Gintis have just finished recording a new album with a working title of ‘Tangerine Water 480’ – it promises to be sublime and will almost definitely change your life.