raining bombs
Der Bomber

(review n pix by neil crud and dave cox)

(Crud) Quality.
I could leave it at that and those (and there was a lot) present will know exactly what I’m talking about. It was another one of those special Blu nights, the ones that occur every couple of months, or, as in the last three cases, when Der Bomber are playing.

It is unfortunate I am writing about a band called Der Bomber amid all the pathetic carnage that is unfolding in London right now, but last night was all about rock’n’roll. The enthusiasm of this band is immense, from winding up other bands on message boards, to throwing their CDs around at an Oasis gig, to frontman Remo standing there demanding your attention. He may as well say,
‘C’mon love me or hate me, I don’t care, Der Bomber have arrived.’

Someone unfortunately took the onstage attitude a little too serious and started on Remo a little later on, resulting in the two being thrown out of the venue! The trouble continued elsewhere in town where the same two were also thrown out of Ellis’ Nightclub, but that’s a small price to pay if you have your eye on the bigger picture.
The music has been described in some quarters as Stone Roses meets Oasis, and yes, the latter band is a particularly strong influence, but there is a harder edge to Der Bomber, a real punk feel to go with a punk attitude.
Put your hands together for Jamie Cardno who put the bands drumming problems to bed and here he is four rehearsals later playing his second gig. Yes, they were going to be messy, they weren’t going to be tight and that’ll come once Jamie has bedded in with a few more gigs. And they won’t be a long time coming as here’s a band that have taken the obvious route, and yet not well trodden; they play gigs – loads of them. I don’t understand bands who play one gig every two or three months, it should be at least one a week. What’s the point of being in a band if no one gets to hear your music?
Der Bomber’s objective is pretty simple; get as many gigs under their belts as possible on a local level, build up a local following, get really good live and spread further afield. They could perhaps publish a monthly map of the UK on their progress and we could chart the territories they’ve conquered.
Here is a band that could go all the way, they have the songs (all seven of them!), the youth, the looks, the energy and the attitude to turn hard work into money.

(Cox) Der Bomber are not what I’m into but these are at the better end of this style of music. Bouncy melodic indie with an early Supergrass sort of energy/beat to it. The beat provided by Jamie Cardno, who by the way, didn’t turn up to play his acoustic set last Saturday night at the Dudley and missed out on £50 an a fuckin’ good night!
Anyway, Der Bomber have a good frontman, he gave it some balls and got stuck in from start to finish. All in all, not bad. It’s a shame the indie fans are too “cool” to dance.

Once Over

(Crud) ‘How many people are here from Rhyl?’ asked Once Over‘s singer. A roar went up from the surging crowd. The singer then explained that the band and roadies faced a night in the back of a transit van and could anyone lend them a floor to sleep on.
The room went quiet! – Although the girl in the mini-skirt gyrating her arse against the groins of various deliriously happy lads would’ve been up for it had she been sober enough to comprehend the enquiry!
Once Over are a lesson to any band serious about what they want to do with their prospective careers. They’re all young, they’ve got a van, an amazing set of punk-ska songs, an astounding stage presence that makes their show a wholly entertaining spectacle and they travel.
They come from Brighton and this is their third visit to the North Wales capital and let’s not forget, this is a Wednesday night in Rhyl and the place is packed out. That speaks volumes to the bands on and also proves that hard work will pay off. Yes, Once Over may play in Flint tomorrow night to five people, but you take the highs with the lows.
The likes of Der Bomber, Gintis, Jives Room, The Phlegms and the ruck of Bangor, Anglesey bands have nothing to lose in taking this leaf out of the Once Over book. They’re all young; fuck the job, get a van, get your gear and shit together and get out on the road. Gigs are so easy to come by these days and those with a bit of suss can contact the local papers in advance to arrange a feature and also the local radio stations. This is how you build a following – you seek out the alternative scene in an area and you infiltrate it, just like Once Over have. You make an impact – its our world, lets take it.

(Cox) Beanie (the girl with the big fuck off mohican) played me Once Over’s cd and I thought it was really good but then completely forgot about them for some reason. Then I stumble across them playing at Blu and think ‘fair doo’s, these are fuckin’ ace.’ Another band fitting into the “ska punk” category but don’t be put off by that, these are good ska punk, not commercial pop shite. Blending the sing-a-long Specials Two Tone ska with hardcore punk and done really well. Thought it’d be rude not to dance, but then was told it’s against the law to dance, which was funny. Bouncers and live music do not mix. Oh yer the other thing is, this band are from Brighton, they’ve apparently played Blu 3 times now and they’ve never been paid (like all the other bands that play here). I’m sure Blu can spare a bit of petrol money for the bands that their punters come especially to see. Judging by how long it took for a half decent PA rig to get set up here, paying the bands is probably never gonna happen, which is a shame cos it’s a definite barrier that will stop loads of bands from playing here, and as well as that makes Steve Rastin look bad when its not his fault.


The Phlegms

(Crud) Not risking the plight of turning into a pumpkin and having to be up at 6am, I made a quiet retreat home to listen to my newly aquired CDs and sleep with my newly purchased Once Over t-shirt. So I missed seeing The Phlegms, but
gathered some eyewitness reports the following day.
By all accounts the announcement from bassist / vocalist Andy Mgkhhcchhhhhkk that they hadn’t rehearsed for three months could either have been true or a cover for ‘Holy shit! How do we follow that!’ – it was a cruel twist of fate that they went on last as the word Headline isn’t used in Rhyl but The Phlegms found themselves with the thankless task of keeping the momentum going after Once Over and Der Bomber.
The comments I got were, the drummer was good but they need a stronger vocalist, and they massacred God Save The Queen and bludgeoned Blitzkrieg Bop.
(Cox) The Phlegms made apologies before they started, saying they hadn’t practised and were gonna be shit. You could tell they hadn’t practised and to be fair they were a bit shit. Not sure if they could hear each other on stage, but they kept slipping out of time. They’ve definately got potential to be a really good band, and they’ve already got their own sound. the singers got a good voice, the bassist can play and the drummer gives it welly. If they can learn to play together, they’ll end up being really good. I’m writing this not to slag them off, just to try and point out where they’re going wrong (constructive criticism I believe it’s called). So you make eye contact when you’re playing together, remember you’re playing together not on your own, go with the flow of the music, drink beer and be merry. thank you.