review n pix by neil crud

Lantern are one of them. I’m either out of the country, chasing livestock or washing my hair when they’re playing. So tonight Matthew I’m going to stop being a Lantern virgin. It was worth the wait, it was worth saving myself, worth getting married in white and worth the thumping headache the following morning.

Their Uniquely Uniform LP released last year is, if I’m going to be brutal, far from what the title suggests, with differing recorded qualities on the tracks and ‘padding’ songs used to flesh out what would’ve been an excellent maxi-EP rather than a full album. The tracks range from absolute genius to rather naïve.

A new EP was thrust into my sweaty palm last night and showed the naivety had disappeared to leave six great songs. All would have been well had I not seen the band live, for they possess a live quality that they struggle to emulate on CD.

Such is the energy and quality of this band that they have the potential to be playing further than the Old Hall and MASE once a month.

I didn’t really understand the Jonny Lantern hate campaign that has fizzed along for a good couple of years, on tonights evidence there was no cock rocking as reports had previously suggested. Yes there was rocking and it was good hard rocking, with a Compulsion lookalike frontman happy to show you his pent-up feelings and relaxed enough to put on a great show.

Lantern are fully rehearsed and unpretentious with a sizable and fanatic following, they are also fucking ace.