Superhorny was David Wrench’s excellent single released last year. It should’ve been number one in the national charts, but with only Adam Walton and myself beating the drum, David and Storm Records had to make do with a few thousand sales instead of tens of thousands.

The very fact that Radio Wales hardly plays any Welsh grown talent on its daytime schedule is an indicator of David Wrench’s struggle to capitalise on his Scissor Sisters support slots. It also shows that English speaking Welsh bands are probably the most trampled on and ignored musicians in the country (even more so if they’re North Wales based).
I have seen countless bands who had real true potential and, or the genius of David Wrench, fall by the wayside because after the exposure given by myself and Adam they have little scope or help to take it further, because…

1. They are Welsh by birth-right or live in the country

2. They don’t speak in the medium of Welsh.

The Welsh language bands have their own national exposure by way of Radio Cymru and countless TV programmes of varying quality which, if you delve deep enough in to this site you’ll see I’ve ranted on about quite a lot.

Radio Speljamr is a pod cast online show, and the DJ said, ‘FM is dead.’
And he does have a point, as broadband increases with popularity and thousands of pirate shows pop up everywhere spreading the listenership thinner. Yes, the majority of the pod cast and online shows will die away to be replaced by new ones, which’ll have the same lifespan, but the good ones (like mine!) will survive and grow.

So Radio Speljamr does have a point but he’s not right. FM will be dead if it doesn’t keep up with the times and Radio Wales needs to do that. It’s fine shoving Adam Walton into the corner of a dark Sunday night schedule, but he is the only one on that station bellowing from the hilltops about home grown talent.

His show at the very least should be feeding the playlisters and daytime schedule personnel with music made in Wales by people with more talent in their little finger than the production line sugar coated mindless garbage churned out by corporate money making record companies.

David Wrench, The Pipettes and The Heights should all be now played on daytime Radio Wales, celebrating the fact that they turned out excellent performances at The Big Buzz in Rhyl, and by the very fact that their music is accessible and very good.

There is a whole world here at my fingertips that daytime Radio Wales doesn’t know exists. Music that would raise the station’s credibility, lower the average age of, and increase the listenership.

This is not slagging off the people that I on occasion work for, it is a warning that we are leaving a treasure trove of talent to waste.

Rant over, I took The Crudlets down to watch The Big Buzz in the day, we saw Rhyl’s own Ethergy reap the rewards of winning some BBC offshoot talent competition and open up proceedings at the well-attended Events Arena on the Promenade. We gave up half way through Rhyl’s very own Lisa Scott-Lee when it was blatantly obvious she was miming.

’This is crap Dad, can we see some proper bands?’

I promised them they’d see some excellent bands tonight at the Town Hall.

Mercilessly the council decided no under-18s were allowed into this live broadcast that would run for two hours from 6pm. The council are always full of good ideas, remember the mono-rail? Look at the half empty Children’s Village, look at the West End! So I tipped my hat to the doormen (they were only doing their job) and took two very disappointed Crudlets back home.

I missed The Heights but they sounded absolutely superb on the radio, not so much their music, but the sound of this outdoor broadcast was top quality. I’m still undecided on The Heights’ stuff, I loved their previous outing as Gogz before they went all country AOR rock, but as a career move they’ve pulled the cat out of the bag and secured a deal, and everyone seems to like them.

The Pipettes
made me, as David Wrench would put it; Superhorny (and that was just the backing band!!) – dressed in 1960s attire with 1950s haircuts the three girls, including our very own Gwenno, banged out a half hour of poppy Hot Puppies meets B52s with The Cramps Nick Knox-a-like on drums. They were ace. It was happy go lucky and safe enough for daytime Radio Wales but good enough to be cool.

Enter David Wrench; cool enough to live in a fridge and shit Cornettos, this mild mannered 6’5″ albino from Bangor should be living in a mansion overlooking the Menai Straits with gold discs adorning his walls. He’s that good, in fact, he’s better than that, he has the material and persona to be the enigma he is but on a grand scale.

Let’s not beat around the George Bush here (although most the world would love to), play any of David’s singles, e.g. Superhorny, World War 4 on daytime radio and you have a hit, a big hit. They’re catchy, quirky, sing-along-ly and he is unforgettable.

So a big round of claps to Radio Wales for taking the ‘gamble’ of unleashing Adam Walton on their daytime listeners (well, 6-8pm) and Adam obviously knew the drill and chose bands that were not going to upset the hill farmers too much, but this hopefully will just be the start of bigger things for home grown Welsh talent so far as the station is concerned.

FM is not dead, it just needs changing.