Reviewed by Steve Sync

Another very busy, packed out Blu tonight (still half term though), and surprises to boot! an unannounced pre-tour rehearsal gig for Gintis playing first tonight.

The Gintis lads looked relaxed and confident as they took to the stage (?), and what’s this? 4 (count em), monitors in front of the band! (I think they came with Uniting The Elements) and once again, this was another quality the Blu sound system would benefit from if added permanently. From the start, Gintis sounded like they’d been busy rehearsing, and tightening up the old songs as well as bringing in some new ones. I did hear some of the new songs when Gintis played a very low key (poor attendance) gig in Metro late last year, but they now have more quality about them, and almost a musical arrogance caused by the new line up bonding and feeling comfortable with what they’re playing. No sound problems for the band tonight, with everything in tune, and a decent mix through the PA, but my main concern was that not one member of Gintis put their foot out onto the monitors with their head’s thrown back in a rock pose (that’s what they’re fucking for!!!). There is a maturity about Gintis now, which was inevitable, but having seen the band from their first Blu gig, it’s great to see these changes, and with the mini tour imminent, I think Gintis are ready to impress people that perhaps weren’t a year or so ago.

Sabretooth are a very young full on big sound 3 guitarists rock band, with a lot of young female support here tonight, (a perk which I’m sure most of their mates would give their hairy right palms for). They really enjoyed playing in front of this very busy venue with the broad grins on their faces soaking up the attention. They had a table of CD’s for sale, and I was even accosted to buy a Sabretooth CD for £3, though by the end of their set, the price had dropped to £2, but this has no connection with the performance. I’m not into their style of music (surprise surprise) but as I filled with ale, their music made me sing ‘Bad News’ (see 80’s comedy) lyrics very loudly around the bar area, much to the bemusement of onlookers. They can play, and with their style, and energy, and an entourage like theirs, they could go on to greater things, but in the mean time lads, just fucking enjoy it, and build on what you’ve got.

What a great band Uniting The Elements are. I missed the chance of seeing them a few months ago, but I’m sure tonight must have been one of their greatest gigs ever in their own eyes after the response they got. They’ve got the look, with their stunningly beautiful red haired front girl who can sing so well (and wail when required) and command attention within, and between songs, even keeping an extremely pissed Sync from paying another visit to the bar. The guitarist must have gone to the ‘Punk Guitarist School of Cool’ – Big Fella, Tattoo’s, Shaved Head, Shades, and Commands the Stage = A+. Their music is ‘Punk Rock’ but not too alternative to stop any music fan present in Blu tonight from enjoying them. After a blinding set, the front girl jumped on a table to see and thank the whole crowd for their support, and by the look on her face, she really meant it, and I don’t think it will be too long before we see Uniting The Elements back in Blu again.

Bar Blu, the best thing to ever happen to Wednesday nights.