After the shennanigans at the recent Hendre Hall all dayer, and a lot of message board goading between Der Bomber & Lantern, the organisers of Denbigh’s Pigstock Festival issued this statement.

In the light of recent events at Hendre Hall on Sunday 24th July involving Der Bomber, Pigstock organisers have decided to withdraw their offer to Der Bomber to play at Pigstock 2005.  Regardless of any mitigating circumstances that may have occurred on the night the Pigstock organisers unanimously feel that the actions of certain members of Der Bomber at Hendre Hall were totally inappropriate.
Pigstock would like to thank Der Bomber for their support at the recent fundraiser, prior to this regrettable incident. This decision has been based on events witnessed first hand by two of the six Pigstock organisers and does not in any way reflect on the bands musical abilities.