Jack says, ‘I borrowed Duncan Black’s guitar for the session and plugged into the amp at the studio. The session went without difficulty but it was when I came to want to release it i had the problems. I wrote a letter to the Doors Music Company in California to ask for permission to release the song Jack Of Hearts which used the tune of The Doors Hyacinth House with different lyrics. The Doors Music Company got back to me and told me to destroy the track and that they were going to sue me for damages for using their music and having it broadcast. My father replied to them explaining that I had mental health problems and no money so didn’t know what I was doing and couldn’t pay. I also emailed Donovans publishers to ask for permission to release my version of Sunshine Superman that I recorded for the session. They said Donovan would listen to the track. They were more polite about it and just didn’t give me permission to release it. The song Animal however was one of my own original tunes written back in the day so I released that as the second track on my Rock Is The Treasure album.’