(taken from Adam Walton‘s blog)
Tony, Soundhog and I went to Hendre Hall that night to see Faust and Ectogram. The venue is amazing. It’s a very old, split level barn that isn’t – really – wide enough to be sticking bands on… well not bands with members of not inconsiderable girth… and both Ectogram and Faust have members with gloriously prodigious waistlines. I don’t feel so bad about my plasticene tummy now.

We got in a minute before Ectogram started. They create this shifting wave of dissonance and atonal chaos, all anchored by Maeyc’s incredible, polyrhythmic drumming. Every now and then, the storm calms and you get to draw a thread of a riff, or – God forbid – a melody; but it doesn’t last long.  Alan makes some incredible sounds on his guitar. E-bows, weird harmonics, a rod of steel that he wears around his neck.
It was seriously mindblowing shit. I was very impressed.

I called Neil Crud on Thursday night as Tony, Soundhog and I were marooned at a junction just off the A55, lost and looking for Hendre Hall,

Hello Neil, it’s me Adam.


Aren’t you coming to see ‘Faust’ tonight?

No. I’m a PUNK

Very disappointing, Crudlington. There was more punk rock, fuck you, challenge the audience attitude in five seconds of Faust’s set, than in the last two and a half decades of uninspired, oh-so-conservative, punk-by-numbers attichood. And, having seen them now, I guarantee that Jaz, Geordie and Youth – as well as Pere Ubu, Wire, Talking Heads, Gang of Four, and a bunch of the artier punks, all have at least one Faust album stinking up their collections.

I met Mank at the bar. I’ve been playing his exploratory sounds on my show for years now. So, as I was waiting to order a pint of the warmest Guinness it has ever been my displeasure to drink, I leant over and said, “Hello”… “Hello, Phil,” he slurred, “Phil?” I said, “I rearry like your b.. band…”, “But, I’m not in a band…”

Then he gave me a Mank sticker and stumbled off. I did manage to collar him later and tell him who I was. It was good to meet him at last. Hopefully we’ll get a session sorted with Micrographia soon.

The very wonderful David Wrench was also there. He’s a gentleman! He was telling me how much he had enjoyed playing Telfords the other month. I wish he’d been playing the other night!