A christmas feel – or anti-christmas if you like!

THE FONDLERS – Fuck You Father Christmas
Z-LIST CELEBRITIES – Christmas Sucks
DUSTY MOONAN – Freeman Hardy & Willis
FOR THE WORSE – Headache
3 ANT RIOT – Karaoke Mark
VALLEUM – Jailbait
ON TRIAL – Citadel
MICROGRAPHIA – What Will We Forgive

NECROCEST – Infested
GINTIS – Yet No Quizzical Eyebrow
THE COX – Nailbomb The Dancefloor
PSST v SONS OF SELINA – Creatures Of The Night
BITCHPUPS – Flamingos
KAISER CHIEFS – I Predict a Riot
JON BON 10p – Christmas Again
THE FONDLERS – The Time Of Year