3 ANT RIOT – Phat Elvis (MP3)
FLESH RESONANCE – Illuminance (off Feast of Shadows CD)
HIRAX – Killswitch (MP3)
STUNTFACE – 72 Hours Deceased (off Unstoppable Titan of Terror CD)
McGILLYCUDDYS – The Leaving of Liverpool (off Kilt By Death CD)
ANARCHY SPANKY – Oh Bondage Up Yours (off CD)
DIFFINIAD – Sharon a Fi (off Diffino CD)
CARPET – Inch of What I Wanna Hear (off demo)
THE COX – Nuclear Skies (off Full Length Cox CD)
FONDLERS – STD (off Crude Sexual Humour CD)
4Q – VD (off Live at The Wheatsheaf, Stoke 1990 CD)
DEAD COWBOYS – Rubber Boy (MP3)
MALARKI – Llond Bol (MP3)
METABBALISM – Dancing Queen (MP3)
GINTIS – La La La La La (rehearsal)
MICROGRAPHIA – Noon Tide of The Summer Day (off Micrographia CD)